Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cox's Bazar

Well, did they make it to Cox’s Bazar on the night bus? Yes, of course they did, but only just catching the last bus out by a whisker. Luckily, the bus made plenty of stops in service stations, which look nothing like ours, where we could get food. Our first taste of Bangladeshi food was a pizza, which was microwaved to the point of perfection. It did us fine, but we couldn’t wait to see what real Bangladeshi food was like.
When we arrived in Cox’s Bazar, we got off the bus and located a hotel that is mentioned in the guidebook we have. We checked into the place but it was not all what the guidebook said it would be. In fact it was a bit of a fleapit! But today we are in a much nicer hotel for just one pound more per night. We have moved up from fleas… We are onto ants now.
The beach here is the longest stretch in the entire world and it has a unique beauty to it. It has nice sand and behind it there are many fir trees, which make up a small forest. We walked and walked along this beach until we came to a restaurant called Angel Drop, which is raised and supported by wooden stilts. This restaurant is painted bright yellow so it is kind of hard to miss. We sat down and tried laccy, which is the Bangla version of the Indian “lassi”. It was great! Smoother and very sweet, but I think that we have been rather spoilt in Rajasthan with those makhania lassis!
We have already mixed quite well with the locals. Simon made a friend called Michael who sat down with us to watch the sunset. He was awesome and he accompanied us to the Poussee Restaurant where we filled three of our hungry stomachs for £2! Walking back to the fleapit, there was a bright full moon shining, which complemented the tiny glows from the rickshaw drivers’ oil lamps.

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  1. I see from the photo jon got his own back on the Indian drivers.
    No pics of the beach then ?
    The eating place on the beach sound wonderful ... Booohoooo.