Monday, 13 April 2009

Bangla Phrasebook (Part 1)

We are using our linguistic skills to the full, and we are learning more Bangla (Bengali, the language of the Nobel Prize winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore) every day. Here is OUR Bangla phrase-book:
Bishi bishi donobad (said with extreme gratitude, because it means “Many many thanks”)
Amar nam Jon/Simon (is “My name is Jon/Simon”)
Amar desh United Kingdom (this means “My country is the UK)
Jao! (This means “Go away”)
Mare mare vou! (This is a more extreme way of saying “Go away!” or “Stop hassling me!”)… Of course I enjoy being hassled here, just because I can say that!
Bishi gam! (Said as you wipe off your forehead, because it means “Very sweaty”)
The phrasebook will be continued, I’m sure!


  1. wasi widim wasi n snozzel ... meaning : Was he with him in the town of St. Austell... from the kernow phrase book.