Thursday, 2 April 2009

A recipe for Makhania Lassi... As promised

First you need yoghurt: thick, natural yoghurt with the kind of tang or sharpness which really sets your mouth watering. Just like citrus juice, but with a creamier consistency! Next you need Rose Water. Not too much, just enough to flavour and loosen the texture of the yoghurt of course. But not too much: this lassi may be served in a glass, but you must eat it with a spoon! The Rose Water will impart a flavour just like Turkish Delight! Then add some cardamon to give a few flecks in the finished drink, just like real vanilla would if you used a vanilla pod. And then the ingredient which makes this drink so special: it will turn the finished lassi a nice yellow or slightly orange colour. It’s the MOST expensive commodity in the world, so go sparingly (and it’s an acquired taste: in this recipe it’s only used for colouring, NOT for flavouring….): Saffron. I think that in order to get the right colouring, powdered saffron rather than strands is what they use here. Don’t forget to put in lots and lots of sugar. This is India, after all!
Whip up your lassi to make a rich, creamy liquid, and pour into glasses. The garnish now is key! A big spoonful of thick, white curd is stuck to the top of the glass and then floating on the surface is either candied peel or dried fruit, such as sultanas.
So that you all can get into the spirit with us, try making this at home as soon as you can, and post some comments. We both think that drinking these lassis is actually one of the BIG highlights of our trip so far. So wouldn’t it be great if you could recreate the taste back home and then tell us about it? The first thing that hits your tastebuds should be a sharpness, then a deep sweetness, then the Rose-flavour. We had four each today!
So get your blenders out!


  1. I would love to have a go but am unsure as to where to get the ingredients. Alternatively I am inviting you both round to make one when you get back.

  2. Thanks man for this delicious recipe. It's been a while (2001) since I had my Makhania lassi in Jodhpur and I can not forget it. I was serching for it few years ago and I could not find it.
    So again thank you for this nice surprise and sharing. I am making it for next dessert! :)

    1. You are very welcome! Follow me on instagram (search Jonnythun) and write that you read our blog. Hope the lassi turned out well!