Sunday, 17 May 2009

What's Amman to do in Jordan?

Perhaps we should have renamed this blog ‘IndiaBangladeshNepalJordanIsrael’ but would that have been a bit of a mouthful? Well it’s certainly had plenty of unexpected moments! Often it’s been the unplanned bits which have been the most thrilling and fascinating. Today is our last full day, and we spent it in Amman Downtown. It’s great looking forward to coming home, but things aren’t quite over yet. So look out tomorrow for our final blog entries, and you never know, we might even do a summary of all the best bits, with some photos you’ve not even seen yet!

Today reached even greater gastronomic heights: we went to Habibah, which is THE best cake shop in the whole of Jordan. I like a bit of cake. We indulged in chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate éclairs, washed down with lemon tea and Arabic coffee. It just so happened that Habibah also sells fantastic ice cream, so it would have been foolish not to have sampled lots, purely for the sake of research of course. We tried chocolate, cream, mango and lemon ice cream. After some serious shopping, it was time for fresh orange juice. We found a great juice bar on a busy street corner close to the largest mosque in Downtown, where a huge glass of tasty and refreshing juice which he squeezed right there and then cost only 1 JD. Next week we’re going to invest in juicers, that’s for sure!

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