Tuesday, 31 March 2009

On the roof of Saffron restaurant with fort in background


  1. Look out for your feet wearing flip flops, you only need a bit of glass to pop in & it could bugger up your trip in a very painful way. apologies for my mother hen bit coming out, but i do wnat you both to enjoy your trip as much as possible.

  2. O.K., trying again! Told you I was dim.
    It's a brilliant blog and great reading. Hope Simon's happier than he looked over his lassi. Perhaps he's missing his ivories!!
    Much love both.
    Sunshine Suzi. xxx

  3. Well done Susan I knew you would get it to work, I find I have to preview 1st then send, blaim it all on google. Weather cold & foggy here in Harwich. Can't wait for next up date, who ever would have thought an oldy like me would follow a blog, what with FB, Twitter & now this, I seem to be starpped to PC all day must away & have a late pm cup of tea

  4. Si have u lost your exercise ball... fetch john... or is that an invisable scared erm I mean sacred cow your holding ?